Low Carb Chocolate Raspberry Scones

Low Carb Chocolate Raspberry Scones -by amber's hands-

I’ve been on a bit of a scones kick lately. And who could blame me? Scones are little slices of heaven and they actually convert to low carb very easily. But when I found out my go-to keto scone recipe was gone from the interwebs, I knew I had to create a new recipe that checked off all my boxes for what a good scone should be. Thus, these low carb chocolate raspberry scones were born.


Low Carb Crème Anglais

Low Carb Creme Anglais -by amber's hands-

Crème Anglais just sounds sooo fancy, doesn’t it? Like something you’d order at a fancy schmancy restaurant but not something you’d make on a Tuesday night at home. But I’m here to tell you that Tuesday nights deserve some love, too, and with this low carb crème anglais recipe, you can be super fancy while sitting in your pajamas watching Netflix.


Keto Taco Cups — Easy Dinner or Party Food!

Keto Taco Cups -by amber's hands-

Who loves tacos? 🙋‍♀️ I do! Making tacos low carb usually involves making your own tortillas, or going with store-bought options that often contain questionable ingredients. But these keto taco cups are made with a crunchy cheese shell, are super easy, and can be either dinner food or appetizers for your next party or game day!


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