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Savory Corn Pancakes with Smokey Cherry Jam and Pulled Pork

How’s that for a long title?

This is shaping up to be the kind of week where I don’t get much posted here. After my day on Monday, I felt like it should be significantly closer to the weekend than it was. We’ve had ongoing appliance issues this past month, and right now the refrigerator repair man is here for the 2nd time in a few weeks. Yay.

So I don’t really have a recipe for you, just an idea. I made this for lunch on Sunday. We had leftover pork shoulder that I got to take home after an awesome Fortify gathering, but it wasn’t quite enough for a full meal for Hubs and me. I had just made some smokey cherry jam, and at first planned to make sandwiches with the pork and jam and some tasty cheese. But then I remembered seeing a recipe for corn pancakes and had a crazy idea that they all might work together.

This was really tasty. It still felt like there should be some sort of sauce, since it was pancakes and all, but I couldn’t quite figure out what it would be. The pancakes were really moist, though, so it didn’t really need it. But if you have a fantastic idea, I’d love to hear it!

Here are the recipes I used:

Corn Pancakes

by smitten kitchen. I omitted the sugar & vanilla to make them savory, but other than that followed the recipe. I had to add a little bit more flour, too, to get it the right consistency.

Smokey Roasted Cherry Jam

by Eating Well. I made this as instructed, but I think if I made it again I’d use more smoked paprika.

Make the pancakes, top with the jam and some slow-roasted pork shoulder. Garnish with cilantro. You’re done!

Cheeseburger Pie

Hey guys.

I uploaded this recipe to Tasty Kitchen yesterday. I don’t have a step-by-step for you this time, but it’s a really simple recipe so I bet you don’t need it.

This recipe has been in our family for quite some time. I always thought it was one of my Grandma’s recipes, but I checked through my scanned copies of her recipes and didn’t find it. I found another recipe for cheeseburger pie, but not this one.

In any case, it’s one my immediate family made when I was growing up (before my mom developed her tomato allergy) and it’s one of my favorites. It meets my 3 criteria for a good weeknight meal: fast, easy, and tasty.

The original recipe calls for a biscuit baking mix. I’ve used that often, but I don’t have any on hand so I mixed up a quick biscuit dough from scratch for the shell. It honestly took almost no extra time to do, and this way I know exactly what is in it. But if you’d like to go the easier route, use 1 cup of biscuit baking mix for the shell, plus 2 tablespoons to mix in with the meat as a little bit of a binding agent.

This dish has old school charm and I love its simplicity. The tomatoes retain a lot of their freshness since it only bakes for half an hour, and they compliment the savory beef, onion, and Worcestershire sauce filling.

Check out the recipe here:

Cheeseburger Pie

Dilled Meatballs

Hi, friends.

I haven’t shared a main dish in a while, so I thought I’d sneak a post in today before my awesome friend Becka comes to visit me from Sweden. I’m guessing we’ll be busy doing awesome things around town for the next week or so, so this might be the only post I get in this week.

This is a recipe I did not create myself. My family has been making this since I was in high school, at least. It came from a cookbook we had, but I have no clue which one. And I’m guessing with the multiple moves between then & now, my parents don’t even have it any more. In case you do, mom & dad, you wanna send the title my way so I can give credit where it’s due?

*Update: My mom tells me this comes from the Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook. Sweet!*

Technically, I’ve adapted this recipe slightly. I cut down the meat a little and this time I used fresh dill because I had some on hand. So. Meat, check. Creamy sauce, check. Delicious & slightly unusual flavor from dill, check. Looks like a winner! Let’s get started.


Pasta with Mushroom & Garlic Sauce

Remember how I told you I was making this recipe I found on Well, it was delicious. I actually followed the recipe (woah!) and it was so easy and delicious. I think next time I make it I might substitute some white wine for some of the butter or oil for a little more flavor & less oilyness. But seriously, if you need a quick pasta dish, consider this one.

Here’s the link again:

Pasta with Mushroom & Garlic Sauce

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