Fabric Crafts

Not By Amber’s Hands– Owl Hat

Today I decided to do something new.  I’m featuring someone else’s craft.

My friend Steph made the most adorable crocheted hat for my little man. It’s for next winter, but I put it on him to take pictures because it’s insanely cute.  So I thought I’d share.

I don’t crochet, so I have no inside scoop for you on how it’s made.  But it’s mad cute, especially on this cute little boy.

So enjoy the pictures!

Why, yes, my son is teething… Why do you ask? (more…)

Mommy’s Little Monster

I made a new onesie for my little man. It was a monster, of course.

I started out the same way I start all my onesies: with a sketch.  I usually do a web image search of the type of thing I want, then pick out different elements that I like and make them into a new, original design.


Autism Awareness Month

In case you were not aware, April is Autism Awareness Month.

In light of that, I thought I’d share an Autism-related craft I made a while back.

As I’ve mentioned before, before the birth of my son, I worked with preschoolers with Autism for 4 years. I made this shirt to show support for every child I’ve known who is affected by this disorder.


Robot Parade

In a future time,
Children will work together
To build a giant cyborg!

First person to name that tune & the band who sings it wins!*

(*Disclaimer: No prizes actually involved. Winning only good for gloating to friends who may or may not read this blog.)

I made a robot onesie.  Hee hee.  It makes me smile.  I actually started this onesie months ago, but then Christmas happened.  And since we’ve already established Christmas made me it’s whipping-boy this year, you can guess how that went.


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