Paper Crafts

Black & White Birthday Card haven’t posted a card in a while, and I found this while going through my old photos. It’s a card I made for my mother-in-law’s birthday back in May and forgot to post.

I didn’t take in-process photos again (I’m always in such a hurry when I make cards) but this is really simple to make if you have the right materials.

This card illustrates why it can be really helpful to buy coordinating materials. If you go to the craft store, you’ll find lots of matching papers & embellishments. I’ve never really been one to buy those things together, but after making this card, I will.

This paper was part of a gift my grandma gave me last Christmas. It’s by Creative Memories and is part of a larger set.


Completely Overboard

It was a simple request. Can you make some signs for the open house on Saturday so people know where to go? Sure. No problem.

The request came from a lady at our church. The open house is for our pastor who is retiring in a few short weeks after 31 years as senior pastor.

Pretty easy, right? Make some signs. So I bought some poster board at Target. Then I thought, hey, my sister has a Cricut. I could use that to make letters from pretty paper and make it look nicer.

So my sister dragged her Cricut over to my house, and we spent some time cutting out letters for 3 signs. Great, right? Just glue them to the poster board and we’re good, right? (more…)

Copic Markers & a Thank You Card

Have you ever heard of Copic markers?

I’d had my eye on them since I saw them in my local Archiver’s store.  But they’re not exactly cheap, so I had hoped to buy some up slowly, but then my dear sister and my parents went in on a bunch of them for my birfday.

Update: my brother would like me to point out that he also got a couple of these markers for me. Specifically the colorless blending marker and the black one. Forgive me for being so remiss in failing to mention this at first. Thank you.


So anyway. I made these cards a little while ago to try them out. Let me show you how they work.


Dressed to Impress Wedding Card


My mom left on Thursday, in a way putting an end cap on the first (almost) half of the year. As much as another goodbye is the last thing I wanted, I feel like I have some closure on what has been a tumultuous year at best. For the first time in 2012 I feel like my life may be returning to normal.

I’m not sure I know what that looks like anymore.

Anyhow. That has nothing really to do with today’s post.

One of the “ups” in the last 6 months was a wedding. I’ve talked about it and showed you the cookies we made. Today I’m showing you the card.


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