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Little Man’s First Birthday

Two weekends ago, Little Man had a birthday. His very first birthday, in fact.

So we had a party.


I was so excited to have this party. I planned the food really far in advance and tested out different recipes. My husband was pretty upset when I had to bake several batches of cupcakes before finding one I liked.

Despite significant prior planning, the week leading up to the party kept becoming more and more full of other obligations. It was fairly frustrating to me to watch more and more things I couldn’t avoid filling up every day of that week. I knew it would be difficult to get everything finished. Add to this the project of fixing the deck that turned into a nightmare that we were finishing up to the night before, and I was one stressed mama. (more…)

Remembering Lola

In the Philippines, “Lola” is the word for “grandma.” My Lola passed away two years ago today. Her name was Barb. Barbara Ann, like the Beach Boys song. I wanted to write my memories of her passing while I can still remember most of them. Thank you for reading, and helping me keep her memory alive.

It was the day before Labor day, 2009. Sunday afternoon.

My sister had come over to our house after church. We were discussing the fact that Lolo (grandpa) and Lola hadn’t made it to church that morning. They were associate pastors and very consistent attenders, so this was pretty unusual. After a little discussion, we decided to call.

Courtney did the calling, and talked to Lolo for a couple minutes. He had told her that they stayed home because Lola hadn’t been feeling well and was still sleeping. Ok, no big deal, we thought.

We started getting on with our afternoon, but not long later, Lolo called again. This time he asked if we could come over. He said he woke Lola, and she was very weak. He thought she might be dehydrated, but she wasn’t able to sit up on her own to drink anything, and he wasn’t strong enough to both prop her up and help her to drink.

Lola and Lolo with their 5 children (more…)


I had a pretty decent weekend. Today? Not so awesome. But I don’t want to talk about it today. So let’s talk about the weekend!

I actually did something worth blogging about, finally. It was a collaborative effort, really, between my husband and I. We made a new post for our mailbox.

The story of our mailbox goes back to when we bought the house, over 3 years ago. The house was foreclosed, and vacant. And at some point during that time, the mailbox had been damaged, and the post was broken in half.

There was a ton of work to do at the house, so as a “temporary” fix, my husband put it back together with a few screws. That, surprisingly, lasted until this last winter, when it snowed a whole heckuva lot and it got knocked over by a plow. So my husband fixed it. And then it got knocked over by a plow a second time. (more…)

My Eventful Weekend

I just realized it’s Wednesday. Evening. The last three days have seemingly whizzed right past me.  I think it’s because it’s taken me this long to recover from my weekend.

It started a bit on Friday. Fridays are usually grocery shopping days. And it seems that most any day I plan to go grocery shopping (Friday or otherwise) my Little Man decides not to nap well. For those of you parents out there, I’m sure you understand what it’s like to try to drag a crabby, sleepy child grocery shopping. It’s pretty much my least favorite thing ever. My brain power goes to trying to keep him from screaming, crying, wriggling out of the seat of the cart, and I forget what I’m shopping for.  It also takes about 3 times as long this way. So after a terrible morning nap, I decided not to go shopping during my usual preferred time (between morning & afternoon naps) and hope for a better afternoon nap. Well, after a second terrible nap, I wasn’t excited about taking him to the store, but I was out of time and options. (more…)

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