Little Man’s First Haircut

My baby is gone.

He’s been replaced by a little boy, and I’m not ok with it.

Today he got his first haircut. And now he doesn’t look like a baby anymore.

This isn’t the post I was planning to write today. I was going to write about cookies, but pretty much everything today turned out a bit different than planned. So I’m just rolling with it. Come back for the cookies post tomorrow.

We went to Kid’s Hair, and the staff there are great. Despite their best efforts, Little Man was not going to be happy about this milestone. He cried as soon as we put him in the chair.

By the way, I was feeling lazy, so I didn’t edit any of these photos. Sue me. (more…)

My Eventful Weekend

I just realized it’s Wednesday. Evening. The last three days have seemingly whizzed right past me.  I think it’s because it’s taken me this long to recover from my weekend.

It started a bit on Friday. Fridays are usually grocery shopping days. And it seems that most any day I plan to go grocery shopping (Friday or otherwise) my Little Man decides not to nap well. For those of you parents out there, I’m sure you understand what it’s like to try to drag a crabby, sleepy child grocery shopping. It’s pretty much my least favorite thing ever. My brain power goes to trying to keep him from screaming, crying, wriggling out of the seat of the cart, and I forget what I’m shopping for.  It also takes about 3 times as long this way. So after a terrible morning nap, I decided not to go shopping during my usual preferred time (between morning & afternoon naps) and hope for a better afternoon nap. Well, after a second terrible nap, I wasn’t excited about taking him to the store, but I was out of time and options. (more…)

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