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Forgotten Kisses

Well, friends. It’s nearly Christmas. And if you’re thinking you might want to bake just one more batch of cookies before the weekend, may I offer up one of my favorites? It’s different than most Christmas cookies, plus it’s easy to make and light to eat.

Forgotten kisses. It was my Lola‘s recipe and we’ve made it at Christmas for as long as I can remember. They’re mint meringues with bits of chocolate that just melt in your mouth. (more…)

Perfect Gifts for the Home Cook

Gift guide for the home cook -by amber's hands-

It’s that time of year! The time of year for hot cocoa, curling up by the fire, and frantically trying to figure out what gifts your loved ones will like under the tree. Let me make things just a little easier on you by giving you a list of gifts anyone who enjoys cooking will love. And if you are the one who loves to cook, just surreptitiously leave this gift guide open on your computer while your loved ones are around, ok? 😉

Things on this list range from big-ticket items to stocking stuffers, and are all things I either use myself or are on my own Christmas list.


Vanilla Gifts

I know some of you really don’t want to talk about this right now.

I don’t blame you. I, too, dislike it when holidays jump the gun, usurping the holidays that come before them, hogging space on store shelves way before their time. But sometimes gifts take planning and more time than you’d have if you waited until after Thanksgiving.

So you might need to think about (I’m about to say it) Christmas gifts now. Especially if you want to make these super cute vanilla gifts. These are gifts I gave out last year, and I thought they came together pretty well with a fairly minimal time commitment.

These gifts were made up of vanilla extract, vanilla sugar, and vanilla bean scones. (more…)

Little Man’s First Birthday

Two weekends ago, Little Man had a birthday. His very first birthday, in fact.

So we had a party.


I was so excited to have this party. I planned the food really far in advance and tested out different recipes. My husband was pretty upset when I had to bake several batches of cupcakes before finding one I liked.

Despite significant prior planning, the week leading up to the party kept becoming more and more full of other obligations. It was fairly frustrating to me to watch more and more things I couldn’t avoid filling up every day of that week. I knew it would be difficult to get everything finished. Add to this the project of fixing the deck that turned into a nightmare that we were finishing up to the night before, and I was one stressed mama. (more…)

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