birthday card

Birthday Card for A Father-in-law


I have my computer back. Momentarily.

I say that because I picked it up last night only to find that this morning, it was still doing all the things I had brought it in for.

They wiped it clean and reinstalled the operating system, and such, and I still haven’t reinstalled some things, such as my photo-editing software. So, I apologize that these pictures aren’t as great as they could be.

I made this card for my father-in-law a while ago now, but haven’t had a chance to blog about it yet. So here it is. 🙂


Quilled Birthday Card

Last time I checked in with you guys, it was Friday. And I had no dessert. But I also needed to make a card for my husband’s grandma’s 85th birthday.

So the husband went out and got us some Dairy Queen, and then I had the energy to make a card. There is a direct correlation between the intake of dessert and the output of crafts.

Anyhow. I started out like I always do– browsing Google images for inspiration.

Ok, guys, I’ma get real for a minute. (Please excuse the ridiculous slang.) I feel that it is of utmost importance to respect others’ creative ideas. While I peruse the internet for inspiration, I go out of my way not to copy others’ designs. Occasionally I have made crafts I’ve found on other websites, but I don’t generally blog about those things (and if I do, I link back to the original site.) So I want to ask you to do the same. I would be honored if any of you wanted to make some of my crafts for your own personal use, but please don’t claim others’ hard work as your own original idea, and under no circumstances sell those products without permission from the artist. Be cool, ok? I’ll do the same for you.

Ok, so now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let me tell you about this card I made. (more…)

Grandpa’s Birthday Card

A while back I told you it was my grandpa’s birthday. Well, we finally got to celebrate on Friday.

The surgery on his eye apparently went well, but he still hasn’t had his vision return (the doctors say this is normal for now.)

So we went to my grandparents’ on Friday for a belated celebration, and that, of course, meant a gift and a card. (more…)