The Most Ridiculous Brownie Disaster

Lest you ever think that everything I create in the kitchen turns out lovely, I’ll share with you something that happened over the weekend when I was making– not something fancy or complicated in any way— brownies.

We had a church potluck on Sunday where we were hosting a large group from outside the church. In addition to a giant crock pot of cheesy potatoes, I decided to make some brownies. Again, we’re talking brownies here. One of the simplest things out there. (more…)

Cupcakes! and brownies tailored to your dietary needs

I’m going to give you a heads-up and let you know this post is going to be a bit long.

Also, you’re probably going to think that I’m totally crazy when I tell you what’s in these cupcakes. But, trust me, you’d never know these are healthy.

I know. Some of you are thinking of clicking away from this post right now. Healthy cupcakes? Who needs those? But I worked really hard to find & develop a recipe that doesn’t taste healthy. One of the things that makes these cupcakes better than most is that there are far less refined ingredients than you’d usually find. In fact, the bulk of these cupcakes are made with whole foods.



Birthday Brownies

In my quest to make birthday recipes all week, I came across these beauties by Bridget of Bake at 350. They’re Oreo brownies. But not just any Oreo brownies. These are made with the special birthday cake Oreos made for Oreo’s 100th birthday.

There was only one problem I ran into making these. They call for 20 Oreos. (more…)