Resurrection Rolls

Ok, guys. To be honest, I meant to have this post done way earlier in the day than it is. Oh well.

This recipe is one my friend Elizabeth introduced me to. It’s kind of hokey, but I think it’s cute. And it’s perfect for kids. For Easter.

They’re Resurrection Rolls. You’ll see why in a minute.


Lefse Omelette

A few weeks ago, I shared with you how to make Lefse, a Norwegian flatbread of sorts. I’ve always been a fan of lefse, and generally have only eaten it with butter and cinnamon-sugar.

About a year and a half ago, the husband and I were in Eau Claire, WI for something. We can’t actually remember why. I mean, we know we were there for a wedding once, but I don’t think it was then. Maybe it was when we were driving to Green Bay. In any case… We stayed at a hotel, and one of the days we happened to go to the Northwoods Brewpub & Grill for a meal. There I ordered the Smothered Lefse Omelette Wrap.

And my life changed forever.

I had intended to make this last year with my lefse, but forgot. I’m not sure why, I only had a 3-month old baby back then. Anyway, this year I was not going to forget. No, siree.

I couldn’t remember the thing exactly, so I went off the description on the website and made something with all the same flavors. And I was not sorry. So here goes. (more…)