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Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Footballs

Chocolate Peanut Butter Footballs -by amber's hands-

It is almost time for the Super Bowl, and what would a Super Bowl party be without some football-shaped snacks? Not only do these pretties have the right shape, they’re also low carb, high protein, and gluten free! Plus I have two different ways you can make them depending on what appeals to you. Read on for the recipe for these chocolate peanut butter footballs!


Low Carb Pastys

Low Carb Pastys -by amber's hands-

Back in November, I shared on social media that I’d successfully made a low carb pasty, and multiple people told me they needed the recipe ASAP! So now that the holidays are behind us, I finally had a chance to put this together for you. And since it’s still the dead of winter, and we’re all craving comfort food, this is the perfect recipe to make this week.


My Keto Pantry

You’ve heard me talk about my ketogenic way of eating before. Maybe you’ve been intrigued by the idea and would like to try it for yourself but you’re not sure where to start. Never fear, I’m here to help! I’ve put together this post to help you figure out what kind of things you may want to stock your keto pantry with so you can be ready for all the keto recipes in your future.