Grandpa’s Birthday Card

A while back I told you it was my grandpa’s birthday. Well, we finally got to celebrate on Friday.

The surgery on his eye apparently went well, but he still hasn’t had his vision return (the doctors say this is normal for now.)

So we went to my grandparents’ on Friday for a belated celebration, and that, of course, meant a gift and a card. (more…)

Florentine Pasta Bake

Florentine pasta is pasta with spinach and a white sauce. There can be other things, too, but if you order something from a menu that says “florentine, ” you can be pretty sure it will have spinach and white sauce.


Easiest. Chicken. Ever.

Oh my.  It’s only 1:37 and it’s already been quite a day. I should have known. Waking up to snow on April 20th is a terrible omen.

Add to that the fact that my son has decided lately that he will not go back to sleep if he wakes up early from his nap, no matter how short it’s been. He doesn’t seem to care that about half an hour after getting up he will completely fall to pieces from exhaustion.  And then I will fall to pieces from all the fussiness directed at me until he gets tired enough to take another nap.

Anyway. On days like today, it’s nice to have really easy recipes in your repertoire. Like this one.

I titled this post “Easiest Chicken Ever.” and although I suppose there might be an easier chicken recipe out there, this one is incredibly delicious despite the minimal work involved.

Here’s all you need:


Mexican Hot Chocolate

Over the weekend, we had another large winter storm.  I’m always so tired of winter by this time of year.  Sigh.

In any case, snow storms make me want hot chocolate.  And as far as hot chocolates go, this is one of my favorites.  Mexican hot chocolate.  It’s like regular hot chocolate, but with attitude.  And spice.  I was first introduced to it by my friend Elizabeth at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market.  And since there’s not much reason to go to the farmer’s market in the dead of winter, I had to make my own.


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